Painting your home’s interior can be a major job, mainly if you decide to do it all at once. Naturally, people have lots of questions about it. Namely, how often should you repaint your home?

Well, there isn’t one official answer. There are many factors to consider, such as wear and tear, how often the rooms are used, and what they’re used for. Each room is a little different; traffic areas will need to be painted more often, while others can go for years before they need to be redone. Of course, sometimes it will be entirely driven by decor choices – you may want to update certain houses more often than others.


It varies from room to room, but when done with the proper paint and prep work, paintwork can often last from 5 to 10 years. However, most “lived in” spaces will require more frequent paint updates.


Most of the bedrooms won’t need to be painted as often since they aren’t typically the most used rooms in the home. They aren’t high-traffic areas, which means people aren’t regularly touching the walls or bumping into them every day. Because of this, paint jobs can typically last 5 years or more in the average bedroom.

Children’s rooms are a different story. They face a lot more action since they often function as playrooms for more than just one child. With all the activity going on, the walls are more likely to get dusty or damaged during playtime. In a kid’s room, you’ll want to go with a highly durable finish to ensure the paint lasts as long as possible, such as eggshell or even a pearl/satin sheen finish. Even with durable paint, the walls will need to be washed more frequently, which means you may need to paint again in 3-4 years or possibly sooner.



A formal living room or dining room doesn’t commonly get used, so the paint lasts longer than in other rooms. These rooms also contribute to having more furniture, which commonly acts as a bumper and stops people from touching the walls. For these spaces, it’s more likely that you’ll be repainting because you feel like it’s time to change up the look of your space, as opposed to repainting to combat wear and tear. On average, these spaces can go anywhere from 5-7 years, or possibly longer.


They say the kitchen is the heart of a home, and as such, they tend to be very busy spaces. Because of everything that goes on in a kitchen, they face lots of wear and tear. There are always people hanging out in the kitchen, which means they’re likely bumping into and touching the walls more often than in other rooms.

Kitchen walls also tend to get muddy more comfortably-cooking splatters, oil, and food prep often mean you have to clean the walls more often, which can affect how long time your paint lasts. If you need the most durable paint finishes available, kitchens will want to be painted more often than other rooms in your house. On average, they should be repainted every 2-4 years.


Bathrooms are also rooms that are used quite frequently. Again, you’re likely to have people touching the walls a little more often, especially in a smaller bathroom or powder room. However, the main issue in bathrooms is humidity and moisture, which can impact the longevity of your paint. You’ll usually need to repaint every 3-4 years in bathrooms and other high-humidity areas like laundry rooms.

Paint My Ceilings:

Ceilings commonly don’t need to be repainted, but the room has sustained water or matrix damage. However, if you’re repainting an entire room, a new coat of paint on the ceiling will comfort it, match the sheen, and make it look beautiful. Additionally, if your ceiling has discoloration (such as from cigarette smoke) that you can’t get rid of with cleaning, paint can freshen it up in appearance and smell.


Paint Entryway/hallways

‘Since these areas see the most traffic, they commonly have the better scuff marks, scratches, and dings,’ Matt describes. He advises painting them every two to four years to keep them clean and bright. 


When your home loses its vibrant appearance, the most practical thing you can do is repaint it with the best colors to renew its look. 

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